So you want to dabble with Aeropress

What Is the AeroPress

The AeroPress was invented by an engineer, physicist, and Stanford lecturer named Alan Adler. He was a bit peed off with the difficulty of making just one good cup of coffee in a drip coffee maker, and also with the time it took to do a pour over. He messed around and came up with a distinctly non-sexy tool that quickly pressed hot water through the coffee.

 Aeropress is alot easier than many other methods and it is pretty foolproof when it comes to coffee. But you still need to be careful about water temperature. Boiling water will make your coffee bitter. It’s important use water that’s hot but not boiling. To do this, boil your water and take it off the heat for about 1 minute before using. 

For AeroPress you’ll want the coffee ground fine. If you’re interested in really tasting interesting coffees and the differences between different roasts and beans, the AeroPress lets flavors come through distinct and crisp.

Any drawbacks? It only makes one or two cups at a time, so it’s not great to use when the family is over!

  1. Heat the water. Bring your water to the boil then let it cool for about 1 minute

  2. Grind the beans. Measure out 2 full AeroPress scoops of coffee beans and grind until fine.

  3. Wet the filter. Assemble the AeroPress with a paper filter inside the cap and place on top of a mug and wet the filter.

  4. Add the coffee. Place the funnel on top of the cup and pour in the coffee. Remove the funnel.

  5. Add the water. Pour in coffee until it comes up to the top line on the AeroPress.

  6. Stir. Use the paddle stirrer (or a spoon) to stir once, briefly.

  7. Press. Insert the plunger. Firmly press down the plunger until you hear a long hiss ... no dont check the car tyres - it just makes a funny noise.

    Taste the coffee and if you want then add more water. The AeroPress makes a concentrated cup of coffee and you can always split it between two cups and add a little more hot water or milk or both. 

    Now get tasting and let me know how it goes.

    Cost around €35.00