Our Coffee Brewing Story

Established in 2015, Union Grind café has been one of the top places to visit for amazing coffee in Cork. While the café has evolved over the years adding a delicious food menu, we have always put coffee first and stayed true to our original plan of working with small Irish roasters and using only the best single origin coffee out there. We have been awarded the McKenna Guide for Best in Ireland for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 for our continued effort to served only the best to our wonderful customers. We decided recently to bring you our favourite independent roasters so you can brew at home and Coffee Addict was born. The one thing we wanted with Coffee Addict was to bring our advice and expertise so you are not just looking at a bag of coffee wondering what the hell do you do with it and who cares if its washed (surely they wash the beans before they sell them!!) and how high is 2,000 metres really!! So have a look out with each product for our advice on how to brew and whether it goes well with milk etc. James

Hand full of Irish roasted coffee