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Ethiopia Burtukaana | PS Coffee Roasters

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Tasting notes: Strawberry, pineapple

Process: Extended Fermentation Natural

Score: 87

Roast style: Filter 

Altitude: 1975m


Our staff favourite filter coffee at the moment.


The process and care taken to this coffee is a huge part of what makes it so special. The cherries are sorted and floated in water to remove the floaters. The denser cherries are wrapped in black plastic for 72 hours. During this period the black plastic is opened once a day and the cherries are raked for even exposure to air. After this period of fermentation the cherries are taken to raised drying beds for drying.

There are 430 farmers that deliver cherry to the Urago Raro washing station. The site has sun exposure the whole day and is located on a small hill that gets hit by cold winds. We have only seen the coffees from here get better and better over the years we have been working with them.

Processing: Extended Fermentation Natural
Varieties: Wolisho and Dega